Day: February 4, 2022

EV Charger InstallersEV Charger Installers

Tesla EV charger installers are trained professionals who will provide top-quality EV charging installations. When choosing one, they will first conduct a site survey. This will require an adult to be at home during the installation and a clear area where the electrical cables can be run. It’s also essential to know the WiFi password for the company you hire to install the chargepoint. Afterward, they will show you how to use your new electric vehicle charger. Read More –

How to Do EV Charger Installers

ev charger installers

EV charger installers will inspect your home to make sure it has 240 volts and that your breaker panel has sufficient amps to accommodate EV charging. Most homes in San Jose have a breaker box that contains 100 amps, but that’s probably not enough to accommodate EV wall chargers. If you need 200 amps, your EV charger installer will upgrade your breaker box to accommodate the extra amps. If your breaker panel doesn’t support 200 volts, they’ll have to install a new outlet.

Then, it’s time to select your EV charger installers. Most of these companies offer a wide range of EV chargers and can also install them. Many of them also offer post-installation services, including routine maintenance. Some will even offer a two- or three-year warranty on their products. A reputable company will also provide a charging point certificate and charger compliance certificate to ensure your EV charger meets standards. This certification will be useful in case you have a battery malfunction, which can lead to costly repairs and a recall.