Day: June 17, 2023

Jacket Back DigitizingJacket Back Digitizing

Jacket Back Digitizing

Jacket Back Digitizing is an embroidered design that is digitized on the back of jackets. It is one of the most popular designs and is used by many people for personal use as well as commercially. Embroidered jacket back designs look stylish and elegant. It is a great way to make your jacket unique and stand out in the crowd.

Jacket Back Digitizing mbroidery digitizing is a specialized field and requires experience to get the job done right. There are many different aspects that must be taken into account, including the placement of the logo, the size, and the fabric of the jacket. It is important to choose a reputable digitizer so that you can be sure that your design will be accurate and high-quality.

Unleashing Creativity with Jacket Back Digitizing: Make a Statement with Custom Embroidery”

The first step in taking the jacket back measurements is to measure the chest circumference of the body. This is done by standing up straight, raising your arms and holding a tape measure around the chest area. It is important to be as relaxed as possible while taking this measurement so that the tape measure can be wrapped comfortably.

Once you have the chest measurement, you can move on to the arm measurements. These are taken by measuring from the junction of the neck and shoulder to the point where you would like the cuff to be. This measurement will also take into account any padding in the shoulders.

Jacket back embroidery is a time-consuming process, and it requires an experienced digitizer to ensure that each stitch is placed correctly. It is important to note that there are approximately 45k – 150k stitches involved in the digitizing of jacket backs, and any mistake can be very costly.