Day: June 11, 2024

The Do’s and Don’ts of Network Cabling ServicesThe Do’s and Don’ts of Network Cabling Services

Many business operations today are dependent upon digital technology and complex wiring systems. Whether you are a small office or a large company, your IT infrastructure is critical to ensuring day-to-day operations run smoothly. Proper Alpha Net Communications are the key to getting the most out of your current and future IT infrastructure. At Computers Nationwide, our network cabling technicians can help you build a wiring network that is unique to your specific working environment.

IT Infrastructure Cabling

Keeping your business’s computers, printers, telephones, surveillance and security systems all connected with network cables and wires is an essential part of maintaining a secure, functional IT infrastructure. But what are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to installing network cabling?

Do not run network cables in areas where they will be exposed to water, oil, gasoline, animal fats or other potentially corrosive substances. A network cable that is exposed to any of these may result in a short circuit which can cause a fire hazard, loss of data and even death.

A professional network cable and wiring service will start by conducting a site survey to determine the physical needs of your network. From there, they can assemble a plan that is best for your needs and budget. Then, they will start the process of installing your new or re-wired cables and wires. They will use unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP) or coaxial cables. All of these options can be customized to fit your business’s specific requirements.