Anna Kors Recreation A Tree Top villa in Ubud

A Tree Top villa in Ubud

Villa Uluwatu is located on the sea, it has a beautiful coastline and views of the ocean and surrounding forested area. It is a very comfortable home to live in compared to other accommodations in Uluwali, with plenty of clean fresh water and the ability to use all modern day amenities. The beautiful landscape and the calm waters make it a very relaxing place to live, as it caters for the couples and families who choose to stay here. There are many activities which one can participate in while living in this villa, from swimming and sailing to fishing, boating and kayaking. You will also find that this villa has its very own outdoor swimming pool and this makes it very ideal if you want some company during your stay. Click Here –

Experience South East Asia and Bali From a Villa in Uluwatu

villa Uluwadi has a very laid back atmosphere, it is a very small place but it feels very luxurious once you have been settled in. The large villa is surrounded by lush green gardens, the pool is an extension of the villa and there is a fire place which is open during the evenings. The villa has a kitchen which is equipped with everything you could ever need; there is also a dining area which serves delicious meals. There are separate areas for children, the children’s bedroom has a mini bar which you can also use to keep an eye on them. The swimming pool is always available and you don’t have to venture far from it when you are using the swimming pool on a warm sunny day. It is very relaxing to swim in the sea with the sound of the waves lapping against the shoreline.

The villa is situated on a private dirt track which is only accessible by private vehicles. It is possible to get to this villa by taking a minibus or a taxi, which are very handy since they are so easily accessible. When you arrive at the villa, it is possible to get out your own vehicle and the villa will be within walking distance. This is one of the main reasons why this villa is so popular among expats. It truly feels like home away from home when you are living in a Uluwadi.

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