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Best Workout Sets For Women

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best workout sets for women

Whether you’re hitting the best workout sets for women for a low-impact morning session or hopping into a heated vinyasa class, these workout sets will inspire you to move. But don’t think of them as the magic bullet for a sexy body—think of them as the cherry on top of all the feel-good steps you take to be your best self, like cycling recovery days into your weekly exercise schedule, eating in a way that makes you happy and healthy, drinking enough water, and getting plenty of sleep.

From workout clothing icons like Lululemon and Nike to sustainable brands like Girlfriend Collective, these two-piece outfits will make your fitness goals even easier to achieve. Look for a set that fits comfortably and stretches with your body, plus a fabric with the level of support you need for your go-to workouts, such as a supportive bra top and compressive leggings from Nike or the Simone High Support Bra and Compressive Leggings from Girlfriend Collective.

Fashion Meets Fitness: Elevate Your Exercise Routine with the Best Workout Sets for Women

Check the label to make sure your pair of workout pants and matching sports bras can be machine-washed. If they do, be sure to run them on a cold cycle with gentle detergent and skip the fabric softener, which can deteriorate stretch. You can also hang dry your workout gear, or put it in a garment bag to prevent snags and wrinkles. If you plan to air-dry, be sure to store it somewhere cool and away from heat sources like radiators.

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