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CBD For Dogs


cbd for dogs is a safe, natural compound that has been shown to help pets with anxiety, pain, and other conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties are well-documented, and it may also help with seizures. Anecdotal reports from pet owners suggest that it can also improve mobility, increase appetite, reduce anxiety, and boost mood. While there is still much more research to be done, many pet owners report good results with cbd for dogs.

Some of the most promising research has been in the area of pain management. A recent study by Waltham Petcare Science Institute (part of Mars Petcare) found that a combination of CBD and standard treatments for osteoarthritis in dogs provided additional pain relief with no signs of toxicity, even after six months of daily administration.

Unlocking the Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxious Dogs

The same study found that CBD is effective in reducing stress. Its impact is usually immediate when given directly to your dog, but it works best for anxiety if given regularly over time. In one experiment, dogs that were given CBD in a separation test showed less anxiety and a lower cortisol response to the test when compared to placebo dogs.

It is important to discuss CBD with your veterinarian. They may be able to recommend a dosage based on your pet’s size. They can also advise you on which products are most suitable for your pet, as not all CBD is made equally. It is recommended that you use only quality products that are lab-tested and contain the right ingredients to avoid negative side effects.

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