Anna Kors Society Creating Jobs is an Important Goal of Canadian Social Entrepreneurs

Creating Jobs is an Important Goal of Canadian Social Entrepreneurs

Creating jobs is an important goal of Canadian social entrepreneurs. Many start a business with a social purpose, and some have even started businesses to help the environment. Some are just looking for a better life, and others want to change the world. Regardless of their purpose, they all want to make a difference and have the financial means to support themselves. But before starting a business, they must find the right support and lawyers.

The Turnaround Couriers Organization Hires Youth Who Face Barriers To Employment

Canadian social entrepreneurs

For example, the TurnAround Couriers organization hires youth who face barriers to employment and offers them health benefits and a decent salary. Another example of a Canadian social entrepreneur’s mission is the Mattress Recycling organization. This social enterprise collects and recycles mattresses, and charges a small fee to their customers. Since their founding, they have prevented half a million mattresses from ending up in landfills. These companies provide a vital service to the local community and are ranked among Canada’s top social entrepreneurs.

Marc Kielburger is a director at 100 Seed$ Atlantic and a board member of Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia. She also serves as the assistant volleyball coach at Saint Mary’s University. Her background has given her insight into working to grow the Canadian social enterprise movement. She shares her insights and key learnings from this unique and inspiring experience. So, if you are thinking about starting a business, consider becoming a social entrepreneur in Canada.

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