Anna Kors Blog Dell Repair Parts – How to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Dell Repair Parts – How to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Dell repair parts help keep your computer running smoothly. Replacement parts can be purchased online or at your local Dell store.

Where to Get Parts from Dell

To purchase a replacement part, log in to the support website and select your product. Alternatively, you can call customer service and speak to a representative about your specific part.

Where to Find Installation Manuals and Videos

Dell Service Parts include a service manual that contains detailed instructions on how to install the part, as well as support videos. These are located on the Documentation tab of your Dell product’s support page.

How to Return a Warranty Part

When you receive a replacement part, it is shipped with return shipping instructions and a shipping label. It is important that you follow these instructions when returning your hardware replacement part to Dell. Failure to return the warranty part within 10 days may result in a suspension of your warranty services or charges for that part.

How to Replace a Customer-Replaceable Drive (CRU)

If you have a Pro-SupportNBD or Basic Support Option, you can self-replace your customer-replaceable drives. You will need to run the diagnostics and follow the documented procedures.

How to Replace a CRU

If you have a Pro-SupportMC or Pro-Support Plus Support Option, you can have your CRU replaced under the guidance of a customer engineer by following the documented procedures and running the diagnostics. You will need to provide a valid email address when opening a service request.

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