Anna Kors Blog How to Compare Electricity Cost Per kWh in Australia

How to Compare Electricity Cost Per kWh in Australia

Electricity cost per kwh nsw rates differ from state to state, depending on the cost of generating energy and transporting it to homes. It also depends on which energy provider you choose. In regulated markets, providers set a base price for their plans. Then, they add on additional charges such as distribution, wholesale and environmental overheads to determine the price you pay per kWh of electricity.

For comparison purposes, Finder has looked at single rate, Time of Use (ToU) two rate and controlled load rates from the ‘Big Three’ power retailers in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. We have also looked at plans from smaller suppliers. Prices are based on an average household using 7300 kWh a year in the Essential network in NSW, Victoria and south-east Queensland. These rates are compared to the reference price set by the Australian Energy Regulator, which includes the cost of wholesale, network and environmental overheads.

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Supply rates are the fee charged by your distributor to be connected to the electricity grid. They are normally listed in the breakdown of costs and fees section of your bill under a different name. They make up about half of your bill.

Choosing the right plan for your home depends on a range of factors including rates, discounts and perks. But don’t get tunnel vision and focus on a low usage rate alone. It’s also important to choose a retailer that looks after their customers. That’s why Canstar Blue asks Australians each year how satisfied they are with their provider.

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