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How to Scam Apple Pay

how to scam apple pay

Apple Pay is considered books about cyber security , and the system has built-in protections to prevent fraud. For example, a user’s credit card number is never given to merchants or transmitted with purchases, and Apple uses device account numbers instead of personal identification information to identify users. In addition, if an iPhone is lost, it can be locked remotely and Apple will notify all payments that have been made. However, scammers are able to take advantage of Apple’s security features and use Apple Pay to make fraudulent transactions.

How to Scam Apple Pay

One of the most common scams involving Apple Pay is when scammers contact users and request money through the Messages app. This is typically done as a part of a phishing scheme, where the scammer poses as a legitimate business or person and asks for the money to be transferred via Apple Pay. The scammers often claim to have had an emergency and need the funds quickly. Once the funds are sent, the scammer is able to disappear with the money before anyone realizes that it was not a valid transaction.

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If you get scammed through Apple Pay, it can be difficult to get the money back. Depending on the type of scam you fall victim to, it may also be impossible to get your money back from Apple. To avoid being scammed, always verify the identity of a merchant or person before making a payment, and only use cards on file in your Wallet. You should also check your bank and credit card statements regularly for unauthorized activity.

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