Anna Kors Blog Men’s Health Week – The Ryderwear D-Mak

Men’s Health Week – The Ryderwear D-Mak

ryderwear d mak

Despite its small size, the ryderwear d mak is one of the most functional lifting shoes you’ll ever own. With the help of a high top and a flat rubber sole, it delivers optimal strength, grip and stability. Regardless of the style you prefer, this is a shoe you can depend on for all your lifting needs.

The D-Mak is made of durable suede leather and action leather. It also has a rubber sole, which is designed for grip on the gym floor. This helps you to get your PB faster than you can say “power squat” while barefoot. The sole is also slightly padded for responsive cushioning.

Another Ryderwear shoe worth noting is the D-Mak Block. With a durable rubber sole, a premium canvas fabric and latex heel cushioning, it’s an ideal shoe for a variety of weightlifting and gym training activities.

D-MAKS are Back on the Block

In addition to the D-Mak Block, Ryderwear is also releasing the D-Mak Carbon-Black. This shoe is an evolution of the iconic lifting shoe, but it’s a bit more subtle. The carbon fibre inspired design, high top profile and flat rubber sole are designed to deliver the best in support, traction and speed.

Ryderwear has also redesigned its D-Mak BLOCK. It features a secure foot fold, high-quality fabrics and plush padded tongue. The D-Mak BLOCK is a sturdy and reliable training shoe, and it’s available in seven new block colours. It’s a great shoe to add to your training wardrobe and it’s a worthy addition to Men’s Health Week.

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