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Review – Lucrez In Europa

Lucrez in Europa is a very atmospheric science fiction/adventure game. You play as either an investigator or a bounty hunter hired by Lucrez, an alien bounty hunter, to find and detain the latest prisoner. The atmosphere is steppes-like mixed with city air, fog and rain. The whole atmosphere has been created using very real, but pale, sci-fi drawings and sounds.


The story is told through journal entries made by Lucrez, a Mexican bounty hunter. One entry in particular, entitled “The Day in the Life of a Conduit” describes the surreal events that transpire between him and his old friend. The story involves Lucrez finding a human being chained to a metal mesh in a Mexican prison. A few minutes after freeing the captive, Lucrez witnesses a horrible, bloody murder perpetrated by three hooded men who want to rob him of all his money.


One would expect this sort of story to take place in a police station or a jail cell. However, none of this happens in “The Day in the Life of a Conduit”. The reason for this is that the story is told almost like a mystery thriller, with the story’s elements linked to current events. This adds a very fluid and interactive element to the game as it is not simply crime scene investigation and apprehension but involves you actively participating in the investigation.

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