Solar Gippsland Review

Solar Gippsland

I’ve been a customer of Solar Gippsland for over a year now and have been impressed with the service and quality of their work. I had my solar installation completed in 1.5 days, and the team was courteous and helpful. They were also very responsive to my Covid teething problems and post-install teething problems. I have no doubt that Rocky’s solar installers will honour their warranties for at least 10 years.

Provide A Significant Amount Of Electricity To Their Home

The team at Gippsland Solar is comprised of a small team of experts who’ve been in the renewable energy business for years. Their electricians have over three decades of experience, and they are local, which is important in a remote area. They take pride in using quality components and encourage their customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Their solar systems are designed to last for years to come and provide a significant amount of electricity to their home.

A team of Gippsland Solar engineers recently completed the installation of 666 solar panels at the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre in Melbourne. The project was not even built when Gippsland Solar bid for it, but it was still a large project, with a unique roof design. The team’s Aurora Solar software helped them design the solar panels and incorporated them into the new building. Andy McCarthy, who founded Gippsland Solar, shares his insights on designing solar for new buildings.

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