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The Best Chemical Resistant Coatings Prices

best chemical resistant coatings prices

Almost all coatings will be exposed to some form of chemicals and acids. The difference is that chemical resistant coatings need to withstand these harsh substances, and they also need to perform safely and consistently under punishing conditions. Without proper protection, acids and chemicals can corrode the substrate and cause contamination. To address this need, Tnemec offers a variety of specialized coatings.

The best chemical resistant coatings prices will depend on the specific needs of the project. Considerations include the type of acid or chemical that will be used, the degree of exposure (immersion versus contact) and how long the coating must withstand the exposure. Other important considerations are abrasion resistance, color retention and slip resistance.

Saving and Shielding: How to Find the Best Chemical Resistant Coatings at Affordable Prices

Epoxy and polyurethane coatings are the go-to options for chemical resistance. These coatings are formulated to resist organic acids, alkalis, caustic fluids, solvents, fuel and hydraulic oils and other chemicals.

Other options for chemical-resistant coatings are phenolic, urea, and fluoropolymers. Fluoropolymers are typically used for their nonstick properties, but they also offer superior chemical resistance and high-temperature resistance. These coatings are commonly used in power, petrochemical and oil & gas midstream and upstream facilities.

If you’re looking for an industrial grade flooring system that can handle hundreds of different acids, chemicals and spills, consider a Novolac epoxy floor coating such as ChemKote 700. This product provides extreme chemical resistance that far exceeds any standard solids epoxy or even any water based epoxy. It’s ideal for areas where chemical spills are a common occurrence, like storage tanks, troughs and curbs.

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