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The Difference Between Social Games and Online Games

There is a difference between social games and online games; the former requires a person to interact with people through some sort of communication device while the latter is an interactive computer game in which a player controls a character by clicking on various keys and shapes. There are many similarities between these two games but the major difference lies in their interface and mechanics. In the former, one has to communicate with other players through some sort of media or communication device like mobile phones, radio, etc whereas in the latter one has to click on various things and shapes to move the character on the screen. This makes them much more active than the traditional games of the past which were strictly text-based.


It was only recently that online games like ‘Second Life’ saw a huge boost in its user base and popularity. This was primarily due to the fact that these games offered a very similar experience to what one would have experienced during the time in the real world. It is an excellent way to socialize with people from all over the world as well as with people of your same age. Social games are even now being adopted by businesses to manage their employees in a more effective manner.


Another notable difference between online games and social games lies in the mechanism of play. In the former, winning requires the player to put in some effort whereas in the latter, success is almost automatic. This results in the players becoming bored very quickly when playing certain games and this is why most of them prefer online games instead of social games. With the ever-progressing technology and the introduction of more online services, the gaming world has become more vibrant and interesting. So, the next time you find yourself craving for a good game to play, make sure that you opt for online games rather than social games.

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