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The real is a philosophic term, an English idiom, and an adjective that describes something that has actual experience or practicality, as opposed to the theoretical, idealistic, or imaginary. It can also refer to the world of adulthood, where you’re expected to be emotionally resilient, independent, responsible, and mentally tough. It’s the world where you have to pay your electric bill or you’re going to die of starvation, and where you realize that life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies.

Real-World AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Industries and Daily Life

This is the world that Reality TV has inhabited for decades, and one that has inspired many parodies that mock or highlight its predictable and staged nature. For instance, revealing confessionals (as showcased in She’s All That, Mission Hill, Beverly Hills 90210, and SNL’s Bob Dole sketch), constant house meetings, and omnipresent hot tubs are all familiar Real World hallmarks that pull back the curtain to reveal the show’s staged nature.

But what if the Real World could be more than just a place where we live? What if it were a way to connect with the people and ideas that matter most to us, empowering us to live happier, healthier lives? This is the vision behind the new Real, a platform that brings together global leaders, AI companies, civil society representatives, and industry experts to work on ways to improve our digital futures. For the first time ever, this project is open to all. Interested in joining? Click here to learn more.

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