Anna Kors Blog Using a Monotub to Grow Mushrooms

Using a Monotub to Grow Mushrooms


A monotub is a convenient container that allows mushroom cultivators to grow multiple mushrooms in a small space. It’s a tried-and-true technique that can help cultivators of all levels achieve high yields and successful results.

Sterilization is key when preparing your monotub for fruiting mushrooms. This includes spraying a general disinfectant such as Lysol into the air, turning off fans and other devices in your room, and wearing nitrile gloves sanitized with rubbing alcohol.

Adding a light is another important step in creating an ideal environment for your fruiting mushrooms. Make sure that the light is placed someplace warm but not hot, and is out of direct sunlight. Choose a lamp that will create some evaporation, and position it so the monotub has a dry spot directly under it.

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Holes for fresh air are a crucial part of any monotub. A good rule of thumb is to make holes every 8 inches on the long sides and one hole on each short side, though this can vary depending on your growing environment.

The holes you cut should be smooth, free of plastic debris, and have been carefully measured to ensure they’re positioned correctly. This will help prevent condensation from forming on the bottom of your monotub, which can cause mold to form.

Using a monotub can be intimidating at first, but it’s actually a really fun and rewarding experience. Watching your mycelium run through the substrate and eventually turn into beautiful mushrooms is a truly magical experience that can fill any cultivator with excitement!

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